5 crucial tactics for google keyword ranking!
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Keywords are crucial when trying to build up a good SEO campaign. This is because google keyword rankings are determined on how well companies can exploit and use these to their advantage. For a company to obtain a good ranking, here are 5 crucial things it needs when it comes to keywords and key-wording:

· The placement of the keywords is more important than the frequency – when a person analyzes google keyword rankings, he will discover that it’s not really how many keywords he can stuff into a website, but how they’re placed. Areas that could be utilized for this is company description, offers, and the like.

· The meaning of the words are more important than just the words themselves – lately Google has developed a way to analyze not just the keywords used in a website, but how they are used. It analyzes what the words could mean in the scope of what the company is all about and what it delivers.

· Semantics also plays a role when it comes to keywords – in addition to the above, Google also analyzes how well the keywords fit into its semantics search. For instance, if a company offers “cheap insurance quotes”, it won’t take the words individually, but will offer a customer inexpensive places where he can get insurance quotes based on company descriptions.

· Google rules out overused keywords – Google has mastered how to weed out overused keywords that millions of website have used in order to narrow down searches. That’s why a company needs to ensure that the keywords they use are not used by others too frequently.

· Avoid meta keywords – nowadays meta keywords inside websites are marked as spam and don’t really improve overall rank, so it’s best to avoid them.

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